The Illusive Green Dragon

The day was beautiful! High 60's and sunny. The trail was a bit muddy, but the waterfalls were fantastic. The Spring Wildflowers were hanging on. We drove to Hennepin Canyon parking lot off of Rt. 71. There was 34 hikers and 2 dogs. Not much trash on the trails today. Of course there shouldn't be any.

Map at the trailhead

Multi flora rose near the parking lot.

Prairie Trillium

Not much of a view from Hennepin Canyon Overlook

Coming off of Hennepin Canyon we saw these fisherman on the river

Wild Geranium

Hennepin Canyon looking south from the walkway bridge

Hennepin Canyon Waterfall ( I zoomed the camera)

Looking down into Hennepin Canyon (notice the bird's nest)
Zoomed in photo of the bird's nest

Doll's eye plant

A young Paw Paw tree

Everyone waiting at the top of the stairs of Owl Canyon

View of Owl Overlook (now closed) from the Illinois river

good showing of Mouse Eared Chickweed

The underside of Solomon's Seal

It's hard to see, but there is some Yarrow here. It is the plant with feathery like leaves.

There are still quite a few Jack in the Pulpits out there
Ferns are everywhere and every shape

Little bit of mud on the trail

Invasive Honeysuckle

After the hike, many of the hikers stop in our Cafe for a cup of coffee, soda or have lunch. The Cafe staff changes this inspirational saying at least once a week.

After the break, Jack, Joe and I went in search of the Illusive Green Dragon. Yes that is the real name. When on the search, we were approached by quite a few hikers on the trail wondering what we were looking for. When we told them the Green Dragon, they thought we were kidding them. After a lengthy search, Jack had the eye for it. It wasn't the one we had seen in the past, and it wasn't perfect. But it was a Green Dragon.

The Illusive Green Dragon. Notice the whorled leaves with the flower (green dragon) underneath the leaves. It is a cousin to the Jack in the Pulpit. Best of all, check out the yellow center of the flower shooting out.

I will leave you with this: Take time today to appreciate someone who does something you take for granted.