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It's taken quite a bit of time to get this post up, and by now over a month later, there is most definitely snow on the trails. But all the more reason to get out the snowshoes and take a walk in the woods!

Bovenzi Park resides at the end of a cul-de-sac right off of I-190 on Sunrise Ave. That is the trailhead that we accessed the park from, but there is frontage elsewhere. For a convenient map, visit this link.
The park itself is quiet notwithstanding its location directly next to a major interstate highway. The trails are a bit tricky to navigate, but there are blazes to help guide the way. There are two major trails: the East-West and the North-South paths, with some random spur paths off to the side. We took both major paths and we found that the North-South was easier to follow and made for an enjoyable post-work jog through the woods.

There's nothing quite like exploring the trails in your own city that you never knew about!