Cheryl and Jerry on Griffith Peak

On South Loop Trail with Poles and Micro Spikes

Trail- Fuh get about it!

Over Bump and up Couloir

Jerry and Cheryl hiked up Griffith Peak on Saturday. Cheryl tells us their story as follows:
We had originally planned to go to Charleston via the South Loop trail not knowing at what point we’d hit snow. But we quickly ran into snow shortly up South Loop. We then put on microspikes. Very soon we realized that we could go up the couloir which leads right to Griffith and put on our crampons, put away the poles and used our ice axes. It was steep and great snow overall. At several spots it was soft and deep and harder going. We eventually got to a ridge to the right of the peak, traversed it and right onto Griffith. It was cold and windy especially on the ridge. There it was very windy and freezing cold. Blowing snow and ice hurt our faces and I had to pull my hood low.

Kyle Canyon far Below

At the peak we quickly took two photos of each other. No pic of us together as there was nowhere to setup the phone. We glissaded down most of the way. Super fun! There were a few people going up too but they had poles and micro spikes. Be tough going that way. Coming down was very slick and steep. One couple behind us had poles and she fell, didn’t know how to arrest (hard with poles anyway) and slid. She set off a mini avalanche! There was a river of snow probably about 50 yards long! Luckily it was slow wasn’t deep! We went down the entire couloir and met up with the trail where we took off our crampons. Absolutely terrific! ~ Cheryl

Heading to Ridge to Right of Griffith Peak

Almost to the Peak

On Griffith Peak – WooHooooooo