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I was fortunate enough to get my hand on a sample of Colorado Aromatic's Knuckle Balm. It's made with calendula and plantain. Calendula is a natural plant and its oils are used in various natural medicines. It is said to prevent muscle spasms and reduce fever, among other things. Plantain can be used to heal rashes and cuts.

So what happened when I put this product to the test? Well, I'm known to have very dry hands, especially around the knuckle area in cold weather. I have been using the product for about 3 weeks now, and I have noticed my skin is less drier than it normally is. Additionally, the soothing effect of the balm helps with pain that I have in the area. As a climber, my hands get beaten up, and the tendons around them are often tight. I have even rubbed the balm on the adjacent tendons with positive results.

So what's the verdict? For climbers, or anyone with dry hands or aches and pains in the general vicinity, I would highly recommend getting your hands on them! No pun intended!
You can find them at!