How is your life? Busy, stressful, running from one thing to the next? A new study says slowing down a little and enjoying one of the hikes on can help relieve stress.IMG_4963

The study, published in the journal, Frontiers of Psychology shows that 20 minutes of exposure to nature can decrease the levels of cortisol in the body which is a stress hormone. In the study, 36 urban dwellers were evaluated after they had a “Nature Experience” (NE) at least 3 times a weeek. The duration of the optimal response and benefit was between 20 and 30 minutes but the benefits continue to grow after 30 minutes, just at a slower rate. So, it appears at least 20 minutes is a great amount of time to help reduce stress in our busy life.

How can we take advantage of what many in the health care industry are calling a “Nature Pill”? Just pick one of the hikes listed here on Make it a priority in your life to help you deal with stress and have a more relaxed and reduced stress life.

You can consider this a “Nature Pill Prescription” that I would recommend to each of us so that we can feel the real benefit of slowing down our day and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us!