We recently traveled to beautiful Cuixmala, Mexico for an eco-friendly honeymoon. We can’t recommend it enough for its natural beauty, quiet escape and unparalleled hospitality.

About the Resort

Cuixmala is located about 3 hours south of Puerto Vallarta. Located along the Pacific Coast in the state of Jalisco, there are numerous opportunities for outdoor adventure and relaxation on the beach. The resort itself is split into two main areas, by the main house and by the villas (further away from the ocean). We opted to stay closer to the villas as it was more economical. The resort has two main restaurants servicing each area. We were one of the only couples there when we visited so many times we got to special request meals 🙂

The resort has a lot of on-property activities, including horseback riding, turtle hatching, zebra watching, biking, swimming, and yoga! More below.


What to Do

There are so many fun things to do on property. Mornings are best spent doing yoga or going to watch the zebras. You can take a hike from the villas all the way down to the zebras, or take a road bike. It gets really hot in the afternoon so we tried to get up early.

In the afternoon, we liked to hang out by the pool and eat a looot of chips and guac. Once it gets closer to sunset, it’s the perfect time to go horseback riding to the beach where you can help hatch baby turtles (!!).

Organized by Cuixmala
There are two private beaches that you can arrange with Cuixmala. One is less intimate because they allow other guests there. You can go fishing, stand up paddleboarding, and of course have a gourmet lunch.

The other private beach option is completely private – we were the only ones there! They packed a cute lunch for us of sandwiches and coconut water. They even have a big beach swing to relax on.

Not so far away is a cute town called Barra de Navidad. I didn’t realize until we arrived, but many Bachelor in Paradise dates take place here. The town has some nice restaurants, especially offering some variety if you are sick of Mexican food. You can also surf on tiny waves here or otherwise just walk around. It was a good day trip to explore a bit of Mexico.