An easy hike on a wide footpath that takes us to Sorapis Lake – one the most renowned natural lakes in the Dolomites.

A few days ago Karina decided to do some acrobatics and in the process managed to reinvigorate her wrist pain and inflammation which ended up with her having limited use of it for the next couple of days. As such we decided to ditch some ferratas and to go on this hike, which was planned from the start but was sent to the back of the list because of all the other great things you can do in the area.
The footpath was about to take us to one of those sapphire – blue lakes, so emblematic for the Dolomites.

Hike details

  • Time: 4 hours ( 6 h 40 min with breaks)
  • Distance: 15 km (circuit)
  • Vertical relief: ~ +/- 900 m
  • Markings: hike path no. 215

GPS Wikiloc Track

Where is this?

The hike starts from Passo Tre Croci, located at about 10-11 kilometers away from Cortina d'Ampezzo and should take you about 2 hours to reach the lake. Even though it was a Thursday in September we encountered a lot of tourists on route to the lake. You will also find a chalet with a restaurant at the lake so you can enjoy a cold beer and something to eat when you reach your destination.

Entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee or any special tax you need to pay for the tracks.

Let's start!

The hike is easy all the way and it features a wide and well-marked path. For the whole duration, you are accompanied by the majestic sights of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
For a more dramatic view, Monte Cristallo had its peak shrouded in clouds while everything else was clear.

To our back, we can see the Tre Cime mountain group and we cherish the memories of that fantastic hike. You can check the details of it in our article here.

After a lot of ups and downs, we reach the lake. Sorapis is located at 1923 meters altitude and it really has a stunning color.

We take some shots and we relax for a bit but what else could we do here? It is 11 AM and the day is still long so we decided to go up the gravel path until we reached the saddle between Punta Nera and Punta Sorapis at approximately 2300 meters alt. Here we saw the grand glacier that seemed to be responsible for the lake.

With such a view you can only wish to relax for a time and that is exactly what we have done. Since Karina had also brought her book she sat down for a good alpine read next to the glacier.

The descent through the gravel footpath was extremely unpleasant but it was something we knew from the get-go so we didn't mind it so much.

The hike to Sorapis is suitable for all but if you seek some thrills and adventure than you also came to the right place. There are a couple of via ferratas in the area – one right above the lake – that you could combine to do a two-three days circuit. As far as we have researched it the circuit looks really interesting with 2600 – 3200 m peaks all around. We definitely will want to include it next time we visit the area.

Where do I sleep?

For this holiday the best option for us was to establish a base camp in Cortina d'Ampezzo. We chose Camping Rocchetta and it proved to be one of the cleanest, tidiest and best-looking camping grounds where we have ever been (the only close contender would be Kamne Camping in Slovenia). The prices fluctuate based on the season but are between 20 and 35 euros per night (2 persons, one small tent and one car).
When we will return to the area we are positive we will choose to stay here again. For your info, the camping is open all year round.

What do I eat?

Food and drinks are not really a problem on this hike as it is pretty short and you can grab something at the lake at Rifugio Alfonso Vandelli.

Other close destinations?

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