Ojai is the new hotspot getaway for Angelenos. Only an hour and a half from Santa Monica, Ojai makes for a perfect daytrip or weekend jaunt with the pup.

Last weekend, we decided to postpone our hike to Mount Cucamonga because there was still some snow and ice near the peak. Still wanting to get out of the city, we opted for a quick day trip to Ojai. If you wake up early, spend your morning at the Punch Bowls in Santa Paula, around 45 min East of Ojai. This 6 mile trail is a great way to start the day and cool off from the sun!

Ojai Olive Oil

After your hike, head back to town of Ojai for it’s famous Sunday Farmers Market. It’s super cute with great produce and even better prices (at least compared to LA). From there, we went to Bart’s Books and Ojai Olive Oil (you can bring your dog to both places, although you must leave your dog outside in the pen-area while you are tasting olive oils).

Spend the rest of your afternoon drinking wine and eating cheese (BYO-food) at Topa Mountain Winery. There were a few well behaved dogs around, and it made for a fun afternoon!

Bart's Books