Date of Hike: 3/8/19
Nineteen-Mile Brook Trail: 1.8 miles / Carter Dome Trail: 1.8 miles Carter Moriah Trail: 5.1 miles / North Cater Trail: 1.2 miles / Imp Trail: 3.0 miles / Camp Dodge Cutoff & NH16: 0.8 miles
Total Miles: 12.6 (5,062 feet elevation gained) Garmin Forerunner 920XT
Trip Report:
– Friday I took a vacation day to join Larisa and Todd for a high snow pack hike of Mount Hight, Carter Dome, South & Middle Carter. Also joining us were our furry friends Sarge, Toby, and Dylan.
– The weather was in the low thirties with no wind, we wore our snowshoes from start to finish which were needed as the snow was soft along the ridge with wind drifts between Zeta Pass to Middle Carter before running into another pair of hikers.
– The two highlights of the day were the amazing views from Mount Hight and the high snow pack above the shrub hike up to Carter Dome revealing views that I have only seen once before almost ten winters ago when the mountains last got hammered all season long with several snow storms and consistent cold temps.
– The high snow meant hiking/fighting through the tops of trees in spots along the ridge but I honestly didn't think it was too bad considering what I had been reading from trail condition reports. Maybe it's the bushwhacking adventures I have gone on that has muted my response to hiking through a low trail corridor in winter.
– Dylan, Sarge, and Toby had a blast running up ahead of us and playing with each other along the way. On the way up Mount Hight, Dylan even bushwhacked for a little bit before showing back up behind us on our way up Carter Dome, we have no idea where he went but he seemed to have fun wherever it was!
– This was one of my favorite hikes of the Carter Range to date. Usually, they are not too exciting but with the high snow levels and the winter wonderland scene it makes it a much more enjoyable hike. 🙂
Toby and Larisa hike up to Mount Hight
Sarge on Mount Hight
Sarge close up!
Larisa and Toby with Mount Washington looming large across the notch
Ravine of the Raymond Cataract and Huntington Ravine
Sarge taking in the views 🙂
Sage and his permanent old man face!
Leaving Hight and on the way to Carter Dome
Usually we are in the trees here
Awesome view-full hike along the ridge between Hight and Carter Dome
Making our way along the A.T.
Way a day!
The gang heads north along the A.T.
South Carter summit
Summit treats!
Sarge hikes through the alpine meadow between South and Middle Carter
Chargin' Sarge 🙂
Hi daddy, do you have any treats for me on Middle Carter??!!