Mountain Range: Comeragh Mountains
Walk: Coumshingaun LoopWow Factor: Fantastic views, Corrie LakeDistance: Approx. 6kmDuration: 3-3.5hrsOSI: 75Rating: Moderate
Start/Finish Point: S341 103 Kilclooney Woods Car Park
This is a great walk that has everything including a bit of scrambling. The views are magnificent and Coumshingaun itself is a wonder to be hold. But you will work for it. Once you have conquered the south spur and on the plateau it gets a lot easier. So take your time, stop often and enjoy the views. This will be a walk to remember.
Starting at the Kilclooney Woods car park follow the trail through the forest until you merge onto a forest road this is a great warm up as I am usually fecked by the time I get to the road. Follow the road right to a clearing; one of these things is not like the other can you spot it? You should notice a mast cleverly disguised as a tree on your left. Continue on through the forest climbing a stile out onto the open mountain side. Keep to the left and follow the trail upwards past a large boulder. Soon you will see the trial opening out to the right through the stone wall and up onto the south spur. I generally aim for the large erratic (a rock or boulder that differs from the surrounding rock and is believed to have been brought from a distance by glacial action.) on the spur. You can’t miss it; this is where the climbing starts and the swearing begins usually along the lines of “Oh god oh god I’m going to die” or “why the hell am I doing this?” but I promise you it will be worth it. From the erratic follow the path heading up the spur, I know it looks daunting but it’s quite spectacular so keep at it. You can make this route as interesting as you like by walking below and around the rocky outcrops or by climbing over and through them. Follow the trail along the spur admiring the view of the Lough below on your right.
The trail start to disappear now as the spur merges onto the main plateau however you will have to scramble a bit in order to reach it. I made the mistake of taking my Husky Sheldon up this route; turns out he’s afraid of heights! I mean seriously he wouldn’t move I had to carry him up to the plateau where he promptly ran head first into a bog but that’s another story. Follow the trail as far as you can, it turns a bit to the left and then upwards over rocks and grass. Once on the plateau follow the coum around to the right and find that all important spot to sit down and break out the flask. I really only do this for my cup of tea, sitting on the edge of the coum listening to the wind letting all my worries blow away. It’s all downhill from here so relax and take in the scenery. Once rested follow the coum around and down the North spur, stop and look back at what you have achieved……… it’s pretty impressive. Descending the north spur involves negotiating a rocky pathway so watch your footing and move slowly. Keep to the left and follow the path off the spur. I highly recommend visiting the Lough at this stage after all that’s why you are here. The return route involves contouring around the south spur where you will easily find the trail leading back to the stile at the forest. Remember the stile can be difficult to spot from a height so if in doubt aim for the forest and follow the trail down. Well done another adventure completed.