Please bear with, because in the ten years I have been writing this blog, I have had many offers to put ads on it, have guest posters, and review stuff. In those ten years I've only allowed two products on here, and I don't have sponsored posts, because if someone pays me to write, how can I say if I don't like it?
So when Colorado Aromatics approached me about reviewing their face cream, I hesitated. But I went to their website and looked around. I read that their products are herb-based, and they don't test on animals or use animal products except beeswax. Also, they participate in farmer's markets and their skin care is meant to help those with "outdoors skin." Those things I can get behind. However, even if they sent me a free jar, I wasn't going to say glowing things unless I meant it.
Oh, how I rue the days when I "laid out" on the back porch, reeking of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil with 2 spf (2!). Later, I worked at high elevations as a wilderness ranger, not putting on sunscreen because I thought I looked better with a tan. I worked outdoors most of my adult life and as you all know, I love to be outdoors. Now I slather myself with sunscreen but the damage is done. Plus, I live in a severely dry climate, in a house that is heated with wood. My poor skin. I have spent a small fortune on hopes in jars.
Which brings me to Colorado Aromatics. So far, I'm a fan. The cream isn't one of those heavy ones where you feel like you are putting spackle on your face. It's light and my skin drinks it up. It has a light scent, which might bother some people, but to me it smells "herby" and nice. I've been also putting it on my hands, which are severely dry and awful looking, and I've seen a difference; the dry patches seem to be improving. The ingredients are actually real extracts like green tea and fennel and raspberry seed.
I have a lovely red "solar spot" that I raced to the doctor in concern about, only to have her say it's from the sun. I've been putting the Springtide Gold on it and it seems to be fading. As far as my wrinkles, I still have them, but nothing topical is really going to change that.
The only downside, if there is one, is that I try to wear a moisturizer with sunscreen during the day, so I can only use this at night. But sunscreen is problematic as well, because who knows what's in it? Colorado Aromatics, make a natural sunscreen!
Mainly what I love about this cream is the mission and the commitment to natural ingredients. And that they make it for outdoor skin. The price isn't bad either. So, if you are in the market for a face cream, check them out. They have tons of other products too, not just face cream. I'll report back after I finish the jar.
Thanks for reading this product review. There won't be many of these–three in ten years isn't too bad. If I do it, you know I like it.
Younger peeps–do not use tanning beds! Use sunscreen! Trust me on this one.

My attempt at an artsy shot with product.