Jerry and Cheryl at the South Loop / Griffith Saddle

Crossing the Meadow (Griffith Peak in Background)

Jerry and Cheryl Thomas reached the summit of Charleston Peak on Sunday without too much difficulty. The photos in this entry are ones that they sent from this climb. Cheryl wrote the description below.

Heading into the Burned Area of the South Ridge

The "Corner" to the Peak

There was some snow on the trail after the third overlook but we either got around it or walked on it with just our boots and no poles. There were footprints already and one could step in those. However coming down we were using our poles as our legs were a little tired. They were helpful as it was more slippery/slushy. It’s melting fast.

Found some Snow!

Charleston Peak Summit Photo

From the saddle to the summit there were a very few minor spots of snow and easy to maneuver. Nothing nearer the summit. The summit itself was clear. However there was a ton on the edge as you’ll see in the photos and North Loop still doesn’t look good. The switchbacks are still treacherous. ~ Cheryl

Charleston Peak (Mummy Mountain in Background)

The Snow is Melting Fast

Return through the Meadow