Its amazing how much the landscape can change over the years, especially when there is a lot of human interaction with it. I would swear I had been up this hike 20 years ago and the climb up the back fissure was not as bad, but time and erosion have a way of changing things, I see it every year when I go to 3 Sisters and see how much worse the trail is from the previous year. With all that said, this is a great little adventure, just make sure to wear some long pants and long sleeves, your skin will thank you later. You will have to use your whole body at points in this hike / rock climb, but the view at the top is a great pay off. If you want more of an adventure follow the 2nd part of the Gaskill Loop as you bushwhack your way to the trail, if not so adventurous retrace your steps back down, either way this is a great adventure for your next weekend hike.

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