Picture The Lebboulder work out gloves are great for lifting weights, but are they a good hiking glove?
Here is my take:
Unlike most gloves the Lebboulder Gloves leave the fingertips exposed so your fingertips can grip the rock. This is very important when rock scrambling and rock climbing. Your fingertips grip the rock much better than any glove can.
Also, since your fingertips are free you have a lot of dexterity. I typed the last sentence wearing these gloves. Picture Fingertips can grip the rock ​Do you have bad or weak wrists? The Lebboulder Gloves gives you great wrist support. They wrap around your wrist twice and then secure by velcro. No worrying about the gloves coming loose. Picture Lots of padding to protect your palms As you descend through canyons or down climbing we use our palms. By using your hands you take pressure off of your knees. The Lebboulder Gloves are padded to protect and take some pressure off of our hands. This is very good.
Also with the open air design you hands stay cool and the gloves do not smell. Picture Lebboulder Gloves protecting the palm of her hand. Picture Do these gloves give a good grip when climbing rope. The answer is No. They are not made for that. However, if you use climbing chalk with the gloves that gives you a good grip. Picture


I really like these gloves. They are well made, good for climbing, and protect your hands. An added bonus is they are helpful for people with bad or weak wrists. I recommend these gloves and I use them.
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