Visit places like the Seven Magic Mountains with an RV!

Visit places like the Seven Magic Mountains with an RV!

Backpacking and hiking with an RV reap many benefits. You get the comfort of your own little RV, while still experiencing the magnificent hike and the magical world of backpacking.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you love the outdoors, a comfortable bed, a cup of tea and a hot meal will always be appreciated.

We've compiled a few tips that will to enhance your next backpacking with an RV experience that is as versatile as you are.

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1. Make the most of the storage space

Most backpackers will agree that, although exhilarating, there is often something they left behind that would come in handy on their trek. With an RV, you have an amazing opportunity to make sure you have everything you could possibly need and more.

In fact, it's the extra room for storing items that make hiking with an RV so desirable.

For example, pack waterproof clothing AND shorts, just in case the weather decides to be a little indecisive. This is a luxury a lot of hikers don't have. Make the most of it.

2. Only pack the right things

Okay, you have a bit more storage which is wonderful. Don't overcompensate. Hiking and backpacking are all about freedom, minimalism and liberation.

Pack the essentials and you'll have a lot less stress. These include:

  • A map

  • Headlamp with extra batteries

  • Essential items of clothing and accessories

  • Comfortable footwear (like sandals to change into after your hikes!)

  • Food and water

  • Bedding

  • Electronics

  • Camp chairs and gear to enjoy an after hike fire

3. Choose a location that make a good hiking hub

As the name suggests, these are routes that finish in the same place that you begin. As well, there are some campsites that have multiple hiking opportunities all within the same area. When you're hiking with an RV this is super important—you want to find a spot in the heart of the areas you want to hike.

The great thing is, in an RV you can hike as long as you want, knowing you have a house on wheels waiting for you when you get back.

4. Make sure your trials are RV friendly

There are certain hiking spots that don't have parking spaces. It's always useful to double check before you go. This way you can plan an alternative hike or a place to park nearby. As well, many parks are day-use only. Double-check where you leave your RV so you know it will be there when you get back.

5. Safety first

Hiking has its fair share of dangers, being safe whilst backpacking is really important. The good news is an RV allows you to stock more safety supplies.

Hydration is a big one. An RV allows you to store more water, just make sure you have enough.

Other bits and bobs you need to pack in your RV are medical kits and emergency contact numbers, a compass, bug spray and extra layers.

6. Stock up on food

Obviously, on your hike you can't take a lot of food – it will only weigh your backpack down. For this reason, make sure you've stocked up on sandwiches, cereal bars and other healthy snacks to keep you energised.

You can always have a nice meal/meal plan waiting for you in the RV upon your return. This has always been one of my favorite benefits of RV traveling.

7. Make sure you've got enough gas

When you're travelling to obscure hiking spots around the world, make sure that you've got enough gas before you enter the hiking spots. This will just ensure that you avoid being stranded somewhere with no gas station.

It's no surprise as to why hiking is such a popular pastime for many RVers. You get to explore, connect with nature and exercise. This is perfect for anybody who spends a lot of time on the road.

Following these super simple tips will mean that you can basically just open up your RV doors, witness the most mesmerising hiking spots in the world and sleep tight in a comfortable bed. What could be better?